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Error correcting codes are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from satellite communication to music CDs. The idea is to encode a binary string of length k as a binary string of length n>k, called a codeword such that even if some bit(s) of the encoding are corrupted (if you scratch on your CD for instance), the original k-bit string can still be recovered. There are three important parameters associated with an error correcting code: the length of codewords (n), the dimension (k) which is the length of the unencoded strings, and finally the minimum distance (d) of the code.

Distance between two codewords is measured as hamming distance, i.e., the number of positions in which the codewords differ: 0010 and 0100 are at distance 2. The minimum distance of the code is the distance between the two different codewords that are closest to each other.

Linear codes are a simple type of error correcting codes with several nice properties. One of them being that the minmum distance is the smallest distance any non-zero codeword has to the zero codeword (the codeword consisting of n zeros always belongs to a linear code of length n).

Another nice property of linear codes of length n and dimension k is that they can be described by an n×k generator matrix of zeros and ones. Encoding a k-bit string is done by viewing it as a column vector and multiplying it by the generator matrix. The example below shows a generator matrix and how the string 1001 is encoded.

Quest docs > graph.png

Matrix multiplication is done as usual except that additon is done modulo 2 (i.e., 0+1=1+0=1 and 0+0=1+1=0). The set of codewords of this code is then simply all vectors that can be obtained by encoding all k-bit strings in this way.

Write a program to calculate the minimum distance for several linear error correcting codes of length at most 30 and dimension at most 15. Each code will be given as a generator matrix.


You will be given several generator matrices as input. The first line contains an integer T indicating the number of test cases. The first line of each test case gives the parameters n and k where 1≤n≤30, 1≤k≤15 and n > k, as two integers separated by a single space. The following n lines describe a generator matrix. Each line is a row of the matrix and has k space separated entries that are 0 or 1.


For each generator matrix output a single line with the minimum distance of the corresponding linear code.

Sample Input 1

Sample Output 1

7 4
1 0 0 0
0 1 0 0
0 0 1 0
0 0 0 1
0 1 1 1
1 0 1 1
1 1 0 1
3 2
1 1
0 0
1 1

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You can solve the quests in Java or c++. Input is read from stdin.

To submit your quest solution, send an email including your source code files as attachments to

Use the quest name in the subject line, and include your full name. Then sit back and wait for the response. It should only take a minute or so.


Get Shorty

Nils and Mikael are intergalaxial fighters as well as life long enemies. Now Nils has managed to capture the poor Mikael in his dark dungeons, and it is up to you to help Mikael escape with as much of his pride intact as possible.

The dungeons can be viewed as a set of corridors and intersections. Each corridor joins two intersections. There are no guards, traps, or locked doors in Nils’ dungeon. However, there is one obstacle which makes escaping from the dungeon a perilious project: in each corridor there is a sentry, armed with a factor weapon. (As is commonly known, a factor weapon with factor f reduces the size of its target to a factor f of its original size, e.g. if Mikael is 8 gobs large and is hit by a factor weapon with factor f=0.25 his size will be reduced to 2 gobs.)

Mikael will not be able to pass through a corridor without being hit by the factor weapon (but luckily enough, reloading the factor weapon takes enough time that the sentry will only have time to shoot him once as he passes through). It seems inevitable that Mikael will come out of this adventure a smaller man, but since the sentries have different factors in their factor weapons, his final size depends very much on the route he takes to the exit of the dungeons. Naturally, he would like to lose as little size as possible, and has asked you to help him accomplish that.


Input consists of a series of test cases (at most 20). Each test case begins with a line consisting of two integers n,m separated by a single space, where 2≤n≤10000 is the number of intersections and 1≤m≤15000 is the number of corridors in Nils’ dungeon. Then follow m lines, each containing two integers x, y and a real number f (with at most four decimals), indicating that there is a corridor between intersections x and y, and that the factor weapon of the sentry in that corridor has factor 0≤f≤1. Intersections are numbered from 0 to n−1. Mikael always starts in intersection 0, and the exit is located in intersection n−1.

The last case will be followed by a case where n=m=0, which should not be processed.


For each test case, output a single line containing a real number (with exactly four decimals) indicating how big a fraction of Mikael will be left when he reaches the exit, assuming he chooses the best possible route through the dungeon. You may assume that it is always possible for Mikael to reach the exit.

Sample Input 1

Sample Output 1

3 3
0 1 0.9
1 2 0.9
0 2 0.8
2 1
1 0 1
0 0

Submit your response

You can solve the quests in Java or c++. Input is read from stdin.

To submit your quest solution, send an email including your source code files as attachments to

Use the quest name in the subject line, and include your full name. Then sit back and wait for the response. It should only take a minute or so.

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